Loan sharks

Two people talking

“Hello, how are you? You look a bit lonely” said the loan shark.

Bowling ball and pins

“We like the same things, that’s nice” said the loan shark.

Two friends hugging

“Shall we be friends?” said the loan shark.

Two people shaking hands and talking

“Let me know if you need any help” said the loan shark.

Purse with money in

“I can lend you some money if you need it” said the loan shark.

Calendar pages showing months of the year

“Just give it back when you can, no rush!” said the loan shark.

Person buying trainers and a smiley face emoji

Good news, I thought. “I can buy those new trainers now”

Calendar pages showing weeks

A few weeks later…

Wrist watch

“I need my money back NOW! I’ve waited long enough” said the loan shark.

Money with a red line through it

“But you said there was no rush. I haven’t got the money now” I replied.

Person crying and another person comforting them

“You will get hurt if you don’t give me my money back soon” said the loan shark.

person crying

Loan sharks are NOT your friend!

Person looking threatening

They can be very nasty people.

three bags full of money

They only want your money.  Lots more than they lent you!

Scared emoji and person with a speech bubble

Always tell someone If you feel scared or worried.

person on the phone

Call your trusted adult or call the Stop Loan Sharks Helpline on 0300 555 2222.

screenshot of live chat on stop loan sharks website

Or start a Live Chat with the Stop Loan Sharks Helpline by going to

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