Staying safe online

Group of people hugging

It is important to stay safe online.

Computer screen with password field.

Use a password that is not easy to guess.

Person writing with a red cross.

Do not write your password down.

Person holding their finger to their mouth and saying shhh.

Keep all your personal details private.

Birthday Card

Ask your trusted adult before telling strangers your age or date of birth…

Bank statement

… bank details,

Cashpoint pin entry

… pin number for credit or bank cards,

Dog and a cat

… or your mother’s maiden name, pet name or other personal details.

Google Chrome logo with a button that says clear browsing history?

Clear your browser history regularly.

Learn how to do this here:

Computer with a link that says click and a red cross.

Don’t click on unknown or strange email links, attachments or pop-up windows.

Free WiFi logo with a speech bubble that says take care.

Avoid using personal data when on free wi-fi.

Web browser address bar with secure padlock symbol and speech bubble that says yes.

Look for secure sites marked with https.

Computer, phone and tablet showing social media pages.

Ensure your privacy settings are set on all your social media accounts.

Person holding hand up with a speech bubble with a question mark.

If you don’t know how to do it, ask your trusted adult.

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