Staying safe on the phone

Picture of a name and phone number with a cross

Do not give your name and number when you answer the phone.

Man holding his finger to his mouth

If someone you do not know calls you unexpectedly, do not tell them anything.

Group of friends

Only give your number to friends you trust.

Street sign, house and number, with man textin and a cross.

Do not text your address to people.

Phone with a cross

If someone tries to sell you something that you do not want, say NO and put the phone down.

Upset person on the phone and a phone with a cross.

If someone upsets you on the phone, say nothing and put your phone down.

Police officer

If you keep getting calls you do not like, tell your safe person or the police.

Phone with 999 on the display and an emergency light, next to money with a line through.

Emergency calls are free.

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