Online grooming and making friends online

Person texting on a phone, with an arrow and a nude photo.

Online grooming is when someone makes friends with you online, so that they can persuade you to do something sexual, like sending a photo or video.

Hand showing a thumbs down

Online grooming is wrong.

multiple pictures of a person with facebook like icons.

Someone may be grooming you if they send you lots of compliments…

…or says they like all the things you like.

Lots of text messages all saying hello/hey how are you?

Someone may be grooming you if they send you lots of messages…

Text message saying I wish i had your sexy ass laying here.

…or if they send you sexual messages.

Man holding his finger to his mouth

Be careful if someone asks you to keep the conversation private…

Video call icon with a red line through it

…or if they avoid having video or phone calls. They may say their camera or phone is broken.

Stay safe by:

Person showing a text message

Letting others see your conversations

House with a street sign and a red line through it.

Not sharing personal information, like your full name or where you live

Person crying and another person comforting them.

Speaking to your safe person if you are asked to do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.

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