Don’t be a scammer victim

Person stealing money.

Fraud is when someone tricks you so that they can steal your money.

‘Fraudsters’ can be very clever and sound like they want to help.

They are very good at making themselves look or sound like a genuine organisation or service.

Bank statement

But what they really want is personal information so they can access your bank account, or use your credit card.

Person on the phone

If you receive an unexpected call, email or letter, talk to your trusted adult before giving out any information.

Person on the phone with a red cross.

If you are confused or unsure, end the call or ignore the email.

Person on the computer

Do not tell them your online banking details, such as your account number, sort code, password, or username.

Person on the phone

If you want to know how your bank can help you with fraud, go to the Fraud section on the website or app, or call customer service.

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