Telling people you are autistic

Eye with a red cross.

People cannot see that you are autistic.

Person checking their watch

If they don’t know you are autistic, they won’t allow you extra time.

person speaking, with a red cross

They won’t know that you need to be spoken to simply and clearly.

Person upset and surrounded by bright lights and loud speakers

They won’t know that you might struggle with noise and bright lights.

Card that says I am Autistic

You can tell people you are autistic by showing them an ‘I am autistic card’.

Card that says I am Autistic

The ‘I am autistic card’ can be downloaded from the National Autistic Society.

Card with Thames Valley Police logo that says I have Autism

You can also show them a Thames Valley Autism Alert Card.  This is free of charge.

Someone wearing a sunflower lanyard

Or you can wear a Sunflower lanyard.

The Sunflower lanyard can be obtained from the Hidden Disabilities Store.

Group of keyworkers

When you show your card or your lanyard, people will know to give you a little more time and to find out how best they can help you.

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