Mate crime

Mate crime is a type of hate crime, done by someone you know and thought was a friend.

If a friend does any of the following you may be a victim of mate crime:

broken window

Throws stones at your doors or windows.

Person shouting at another person.

Shouts at you or calls you bad names.

Two people looking at phones and laughing

Sends you nasty messages.

Person punching

Threatens to hit you.

Person sexually harassing someone.

Tells you to have a relationship or to touch someone sexually.

person being cared for with hand holding money

Asks you to pay them for their help.

Person stealing money.

Takes your money or shopping.

Phone card and phone.

Uses the credit on your phone.

People carrying shopping.

Tells you to buy things for them.

People on a video call.

Asks to be your friend online when they are a stranger.

Person holding ID card.

Asks for your identity information.

Things to help you keep safe:

Screenshot showing facebook privacy settings.

Check the privacy settings on your social media or other online accounts.

Computer screen with password field.

Don’t tell people your personal or security information.

Two people talking

Tell someone if your friends are making you feel frightened, scared or upset.

Person on the phone.

Phone a helpline for advice.

Person talking to a police officer.

Talk to the Police about what is happening to you.

Here are some contact details to get help:

Call your local police. 101. In an emergency always call 999.

Call 999 (in an emergency).

Call 101 (if not an emergency).

Or visit your local Police Station.

Crimestoppers: 0800 555111. 100% annonymous. Always.

If you do not want to give your name, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Hate Crime - Report it Here. If you experience it. If you witness it. REPORT IT.

To use the internet to report a crime, go to

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Or you can visit a local place showing a Safe Place sticker.

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